How to Become a Relationship Coach

How to Become a Relationship Coach?

How to Become Relationship Consultant?…. and Discover that Incredible You?

Everyone is Incredible when they know themselves!

Life……as we know … full of ups and downs. We strive our best to put our best foot forward every day and are always in search of that ever-elusive happiness and contentment in our life. However, most of the time, for most of us, there is not enough of it in our life. Have we ever made an effort to pause and ponder over it and try to find the Ifs and Whys of the same? Our family is the foundation of our society. Because of various reasons, there are more than enough misunderstandings and communication gaps severely affecting the happiness in the families. The reasons may be problems in career, business, issues related to children, family members, etc, etc. Hence, I will endeavor to make those hazy things crystal clear in your Relationship, Family, and Career, and help you to find solutions for those issues, towards finding that dream of happiness and contentment in life. When I realized its importance I started finding out How to become a Relationship coach?

Self Discovery and Self Awareness

“When You discover who You are, You will be free.” …

The first and foremost thing in each of us is to be aware of our real selves. Most of us are not even aware of our Core Values, Beliefs, Our Aims, Goals, and a plan of action to progress where we want to progress in life. Some of us even spend our whole life, without being aware of them consciously. This leads us to live a confused life filled with unhappiness and lack of contentment, without knowing why! Hence, we can follow a very simple process and find our Inner Self. Once we are consciously aware of what we are it will be very easy for us to go ahead and achieve what we want to, with full clarity and confidence. A Life and Relationship Coach will play a very important role in this process of finding contentment in your marriage, relationship, and family. 

Core Values

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know your Core Values – Roy Disney

Our Core values are the ones that make us feel what we feel. These are the values that have been formed in us in our childhood and get solidified by our puberty. They are permanent and very hard to change, once formed. They are conceptual things that can only be felt and not seen. It is a fact that whatever we do when aligned with our core values will always give us happiness and contentment. The decisions taken along with our core values will always give us happiness, even though they fail at times. On the other hand, all our decisions and actions taken against our core values will always make us feel miserable, unhappy, and unsatisfied. Hence, there is a need to be aware of the consciously, and make them align with all our decisions and actions. We, in our Incredible You process, have a simple, easy to follow question-based tool to find our top Core Values. When I found out How to become a Relationship coach I realized that a certified, experienced Life Coach with enormous personal experience can do wonders in bringing about that transformation in your life.

Our Belief System

Don’t be afraid of your fears!

We come across many small, big, significant, insignificant incidences in our life. These incidences, without even knowing ourselves, form many beliefs in our subconscious mind. These beliefs may be positive or negative. But, they make us behave and respond in a certain way to different situations. Different people may react differently to the same situation, as per their Core Values and beliefs. Hence, it is necessary that we are aware of all those beliefs present in us and manipulates them in such a way that they add to our success. We can easily find out all those top beliefs present in us by our simple tool and also the further process of managing the negative beliefs can be easily carried out by our time-tested, simple process.

Our Goals and How to Achieve them?

A goal without a plan is just a wish!

We may aim for the sky…..but there is a need to possess a sound plan to reach there. The requirements of the resources, skills, and support also need to be thought of and catered for. When we think about our own goals, do we have a foolproof plan to achieve what we want to achieve? Our goal may be health, wealth, career, business, relationship, family, etc, etc. But, what we need to consider now is to realize what we want to achieve in these different spheres in our life. We first need to consciously be aware of these goals in precise terms, the challenges we may face, the suitable solutions to overcome those challenges, and the plan to reach for success. Through a simple process, we can find out all these definitive goals and also make an effective, proven action plan for the same. The clarity we will be achieving in this Incredible You process will provide a visible pathway for reaching our goals.

Importance of Our Surroundings and Mastermind in Our Success

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with!

We are social animals. All the human being needs that appreciation, encouragement, praise, honest opinion, that unconditional support, and love. Being surrounded by people adding value to our life will greatly increase our chances of achieving success in our goals. Those are the people who are our Master Mind, the people who add great value to our lives, those people who are there for us during ups and downs, and always there to offer that encouragement, love, and feedback.

Most of us, throughout our life, fail to recognize the importance of the Master Mind and have great difficulty in managing our situations alone.

When we need honest feedback there is none, Hence, we end up taking actions without adding any value towards achieving our goals. The toxic people, on the other hand, add no value to our life. They are people pleasures. Hence, we need to be aware of both these categories of people and start managing them in such a way to achieve our goals faster, with fewer efforts and more satisfaction. We, in our Incredible You program,have a simple process by which we can find out these people, categorize them, manage them. This process will also be very useful in managing your family, relationship through your Relationship coach. My quest to find out How to become a relationship coach has made me part of this huge mastermind group of coaches.

Decision Making

A sound, well-considered decision is destined to succeed!

We take many decisions in our life, maybe personal or in our career. The big question is…..Do we consider all the factors of a problem, before taking the decision? The answer, in most cases, is a big No!. Hence, we need to make it a habit of considering all the aspects of any problem and take a balanced, considered decision which has the maximum chances of success and which also is aligned with our Core Values. WE, through this Incredible You process initiate into such a simple process by which you will be able to take a well-considered decision always, after careful consideration of

Importance of Owning the Situations

Those who own the situations own their destiny!

Yes, we need to learn to own the situations. We need to learn to respond to situations that to react. Owning any situation consists of two components…….Self Awareness and avoiding to give the expected reaction to a situation. Seems simple? Yes, but the questions…. Are we aware of our Real Self, the Real Inner Self? If the answer is yes, then the second component is taken care of automatically. Be aware of self and pose a different response to a situation than expected. When we make it a habit gradually by conscious practice, then we will be able to manage and manipulate the situations the way we want it to be. Our Incredible You coaching process is just the step stone for me as to How to become a Relationship coach. It achieves the aim of finding out your Inner Self, your Core Values, Beliefs, goals, and managing them to harness success in your goals.

Success Mantra

Know yourself, Unleash Yourself, and Reach for Success!

We need to have Self Awareness, our Core Values, Belief System, our goals, and the plan to achieve those goals. When we have all these which are required for achieving success in our goals, we need to go out and strive towards achieving those goals. For that, we need to make a Success Plan, incorporating all the elements required for achieving that success. Once that plan is made then what should we be waiting for?….. Nothing….we own all that we need, now is the time to put that well-considered plan to act on the path towards success to reach our goals. It is just the time for action. Break free and reach for what you deserve, your goals! Our Incredible You process also helps you make that Success Plan and also push, cajole, and invigorate you to take action.

Good Habits to Succeed

All successful people have many good habits they follow regularly to keep themselves up to the challenges they face, in terms of time, resources, and competition. All those regular habits are aimed at minimizing their shortcomings and augment their strengths. In the same way, each one of us needs to consider all our weaknesses and strengths and make habits a routine, to manage and manipulate them to our advantage, Those habits may be aimed at removing our procrastination, inaction, indecisiveness, managing time and resources, etc, etc. We need to find them, manage them, update them, and improve them.

My search of finding out How to become a Relationship coach has dawned this truth on me that a Relationship coach can bring about a sea change in your outlook in dealing with your relationship, family, marriage, and career.

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